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Visit the School

For a general overview of the classes available at Echo Montessori School we have regularly scheduled information evenings for prospective parents.  The best way to understand and appreciate a typical day for an Echo Montessori Student is to come and visit the school during the day when classes are in session.  Please feel free to contact the Director to make an appointment to visit the school.  
A school visit will typically entail meeting with Jan, our Director, where she will discuss the following:
  • A brief introduction to the program
  • An introduction to classroom observation
  • A tour of the facilities
  • The Montessori Curriculum
  • The Benefits of Montessori
  • An opportunity to sit in on and observe a class in session
  • Questions and Answers throughout
To observe a classroom in operation contact us or fill in the form below to schedule a school visit. 

School Visit