Your child is a unique individual. Our Montessori program recognizes the unique needs of all children as they progress through natural developmental stages. Maria Montessori developed an approach to teaching based on her extensive observations of children's natural needs and tendencies. It was her belief, as it is ours, that children learn by doing. Echo's core program is based on developing the child's individual potential through the use of specifically designed materials in the prepared environment of the classroom.  Each of the specific areas of Language, Mathematics, Culture, Sensorial and Practical Life are fully developed, enticing and engaging for the child.
Our program is tailored to each individual child to foster growth and learning at a pace that allows for the enjoyment of learning. Effectively, each child encounters new materials as development and mastery occur, creating a natural and genuine engagement in leaning.  
Echo has incorporated a number of program integrations that go beyond a traditional Montessori program. The foremost integration is our outdoor education program. This program is operated out of the nature preserve immediately behind the school and exposes the child to plants and wild life in "forest school" style program.  
Specific Programs 
Our Toddler Program is created with the specific needs of our youngest members of the community in mind - children ages 18 months to 36 months. Activities in the program focus on language and vocabulary development, the growth of independence and, the development of gross and fine motor skills. Materials are geared to these goals and are designed to be used independently in a "play" atmosphere. The classroom is designed to meet the needs of this age child; to develop a love of learning, to foster growth of independence and to allow for the development of creativity.   This program is ideal for preparing your child for our "Children's House" program which encompasses preschool, junior kindergarten and senior kindergarten programs.  
Our Montessori "Children's House" program is for children ages 3 to 5 years of age. This age group, often called "Casa" from the Italian phrase used by Maria Montessori "Casa dei Bambini", experiences dramatic growth and changes. The child at this age level is leaving the development of the individual stage and entering into the development of the individual within a social group stage.  This is the time when a child absorbs information and skills rapidly and with ease.  The Children's House program builds on the oral language developed at the Toddler level and we see the child engaged in wanting to learn to write and read. Our language program introduces reading through writing in a natural and individualized program.  The Children's House program also dramatically expands the mathematics area of the classroom. The activities of this area beautifully bring together the foundations of quantity, number symbols, number systems and operations in a progression of activities your child will want to explore. Our Children's House program allows your child to develop both independently and as a member of a larger group, learning social graces and expectations.  Social activities includes both small group activities and a larger community circle time where we share stories and songs.
Advantages to the Echo Montessori Program 
 Education For Life Development of skills to promote independence and an attitude of "I can do it".  Skills for self directed learning and the growth of skills such as social collaboration, problem solving and self confidence (esteem).
 Love of Learning
Works with and supports the natural ebb and flow of interest. Uses engaging and fun activities all while allowing the children the opportunity and to master skills and challenge themselves.
 Education Excellence Children work at their own pace allowing them the time they need to master skills for learning and skill development. 
 Whole Person Learning Moves beyond just recognizing the needs of the mind and acknowledges the space of a classroom and a child's movements as part of the development of the body itself. The Spirit of the child is recognized through values modelled by our staff and expected in our program. 
 Integrated Program Practical life activities, culture and art activities are full fledged areas of our program along with the traditional core ares of math and language. And these program areas are interconnected rather than treated purely in isolation.
Echo Montessori Preschool is not only a place to learn and grow but a community for the children and their families.