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Oryan Catering


Echo uses Oryan Caterering for our catered lunches for all students. Oryan provides a 5 week rotation of food so that families know the full complement of what is being served and when. You will notice that each day of the week as a "theme" as it were. Mondays is chicken, Tuesdays is pasta, Wednesdays is soup and sandwiches, Thursdays is Beef or Pork and Fridays is Fun Finger Foods.Below you will see the meal plan from Oryan and snack plan for snacks we provide. 

Please note that there may be updates to snacks based on seasonal availability of fruit or other logistics. 

Lastly, any child with special dietary needs will have a separate meal served. These special meals may be substantially different from the other children and we will communicate to you your child's specialized menu as it becomes available.

The full 5 week rotation menu.

Period  AM Snack  Lunch    PM Snack

 Week 1      
 Monday  Apple Slices & Mini Croissants   BarB-Q Chicken, Steamed Potato, Buttered Carrots Oranges & Shreddies  
 Tuesday Mixed Berries &  Cheerios  Baked Vegetable Pasta, Spinach Salad, WW Bun roll,cucumber slices  Peaches & Yogurt
 Wednesday  Cantalope & Breton  Vegetable Soup, Chicken Salad Sandwich on small WW dinner roll, cucumber slices  Grapes & Cheddar Cheese
 Thursday  Wheetabix & Watermelon  Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables  Muselix & Plums
 Friday  Melba Toast & Hummus  Chicken Club Sub, Vegetables and dip  Fruit Salad & Soda Crackers
 Week 2  
 Monday  Bartlett Pears & Preventia Biscuits  Chicken Caccitore, Rice, Mixed Vegetables  Pineapple & fruit dip
 Tuesday  Multigrain cracker & Baba ganoush  Macaroni & Cheese, cucumber slices, WW bun  Bananas & Arrowroot Biscuits
Wednesday     Honeydew Melon & Snack crackers  Chicken Noodle Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Carrot Sticks  Mini Raisin Bran Muffins
 Thursday  Green Pepper Spears and Dip  Shepherd's Pie,Garden Salad, WW Bread  Applesauce & Granola
 Friday  Triscuit & Mozzarella Cheese  Pizza Buns, Ceasar Salad  Fruit Salad & Soda Crackers
 Week 3      
 Monday  Mini Pitas & Honey  Chicken Stroganoff, Buttered Egg Noodle, Corn  Banana Bread
 Tuesday  Grapes & Cheddar Cheese  Spaghetti & meat sauce, Garden Salad, Bread Sticks  Green Pepper Spears and Dip
 Wednesday Mini Muffins  Tomato Rice soup, Turkey sandwich on WW Bread, Sweet pepper sticks  Bartlett Pears & Preventia Biscuits
 Thursday  Peaches & Yogurt  Beef Stir Fry and Rice, WW dinner rolls  Strawberries & Yogurt
 Friday    Chicken & Cheese quesadillas and Spanish Rice  Fruit Salad & Soda Crackers
 Week 4      
 Monday  Fajita Cream Cheese Wraps  Honey Curried Chicken, Rice, Whole Green Beans  Apples & Cheerios
 Tuesday  Muselix & Plums  Italian Vegetables and Cheese Pasta, Raw vegetables, WW bun  Melba Toast & Hummus
 Wednesday  Oranges & Shreddies  Cream of Vegetable Soup, Egg Salad on WW bread, Celery Sticks  Triscuit & Mozzarella Cheese
 Thursday  Cucumbers & Carrots with dip  Roast Beef, buttered potatoes, red peppers sticks  Wheetabix & Watermelon
 Friday  Asian Pears & Whole Grain crackers  Sweet Potato, Beef Sliders, Brocoli bites with dip  Fruit Salad & Soda Crackers
 Week 5      
 Monday  Banana & Arrowroot Biscuits  Baked Chicken, Seasonal Root, Vegetables  Multigrain cracker & Baba ganoush
 Tuesday  Applesauce & Granola  Baked Cheese Ravioli, Ceasar salad, Garlic Bread  Honeydew & Snack Crackers
 Wednesday  Pineapple & fruit dip  Minestrone soup, Tuna Salad Sandwich, Dill Pickle  Cantalope & Breton
 Thursday Mixed Berries &  Cheerios  Chili con carne with rice or mashed potatoes, Carrots  Mini Pitas & Honey
 Friday  Bagel Bits & Dip  Cheese and potato perogies, turkey sausage links, Mixed Veggies  Fruit Salad & Soda Crackers