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Sample Menu

Sample Menu for ECHO Montessori


  1. Tuna fish salad in Pita Pockets with Garden Pasta Salad

  2. Chicken Noodle Soup with Cheese Pizza Muffins

  3. WW Spaghetti & Meatballs with Garden Fresh Vegetable & Tomato Sauce

  4. Chicken Fingers, Zucchini Pudding Muffins & Carrot sticks with Yogurt dip

  5. Polenta mini pizzas topped with Mozzarella, diced tomato& green peppers


  1. Mediterranean Spaghetti Squash with Cheese and Crispy baked chicken legs

  2. Macaroni, Cheese, Beef & Tomato Casserole

  3. Mini Tuna Burgers, Veggie Kabobs

  4. Yogurt Chicken with Cool Cousous Salad

  5. Quiche Lorraine, Cornbread muffins


  1. Tuscan Vegetable Soup, Garden Zucchini Bread

  2. Pizza-style hamburgers, Veggie chips

  3. Sweet Potato Pancakes, Homemade Chicken nuggets with Plum or Sweet & Sour dipping sauces

  4. Beef Stroganoff (made with ground beef & rice)

  5. Asian Pork Satay and Fall vegetable stir-fry


  1. Pasta Fagioli (traditional Italian soup) with Whole Wheat rolls

  2. Salmon & Veggies with Pita Crisps

  3. Meatloaf, Mash Potatoes, Broccoli

  4. Creamy Mac & Cheese

  5. Carrot & Ginger Soup with Egg Salad Pitas