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Children's House

The Children's House or "Casa" (Italian casa dei bambini) is a program for 3 - 5 year olds.  We offer both half day and full day programs for this age group.  The classroom has specifically designed learning materials that are developmentally appropriate for children of this age group.  There are five main learning areas (Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Culture) along with areas for development of creativity, art, music, virtues and physical movement. 
A typical day begins with each child being greeted and shaking hands with the teacher upon arrival to school.  Throughout the morning, children have the freedom to choose work activities from the various areas of the classroom, work independently or in small groups, and receive individual or group lessons from the teachers.  Children will have the opportunity to participate in "snack" with a friend or in a group setting. Several times per week children will have the opportunity to participate in the Forest School Outdoor Education program.  Each morning there will be a circle time where children will gather with the teachers to sing songs, have a lesson on the cultural unit that is being studied, listen to stories or participate in sharing.  Children will help prepare the tables for lunch and they will eat in a quiet, respectful manner where grace and courtesy are modeled and taught.  The afternoon continues with activities from all areas of the classroom as well as art, music and movement, outdoor play and cultural crafts.