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The Toddler Classroom is for our youngest students, those age 18-36 months.  The Toddler environment is an extension of the "home" environment.  In this environment children are learning to do things for themselves, learning to express themselves and developing their gross and fine motor skills.
Each morning the children are greeted by a teacher at the door.  Children hang up their coats and change their shoes.  Upon entering the class a child will chose an activity to begin working on.  Teachers will give individual lessons throughout the work time placing an emphasis on vocabulary and controlled movements.  Children learn quickly how to take out and put away each activity properly.  There is a circle each morning before snack where we sing songs, discuss calendar and weather, read stories and share. Snack is given in a group setting with children helping to prepare the tables and pass out the snack.  Grace and courtesy are emphasized during this time.  Children in this class may be in the process of being toilet trained,and all are taught proper hand washing.   After snack children will go out for outdoor playtime.  A hot lunch is served after playtime.  Children will be dismissed after lunch and clean up.