Below are a number of resources you may find useful in considering education for your child. They range from specialized Montessori topics to general education or parent issues.

 Montessori Research 

 Recent research collected and curated by the North American Montessori Teachers Association (NAMTA)

 What children get out of Montessori 

Montessori Foundation President, Tim Seldin, to Montessori educators on the outcomes of a Montessori education.

 Montessori and Children at Risk - Shelton School 

 Shelton school specializes in learnin differences and has a number of resources related to "Montessori Applied to Children at Risk" or MACAR. 

 Ken Robinson on Schools and Creativity 

 Sir Ken Robinson is a writer and speaker on the topic of creativity. This video is his presentation to the "TED" conference. Beginning at 2:05 note the role of education and the future.

 Toronto Montessori Institute 

 Local training institute for Montessori Teachers.

 Wikipedia Maria Montessori 

 General history of Maria Montessori

 Wikipedia Montessori Method 

 The Montessori Method

 The Hershey Farm School 

 This world-renowned program grounds the materials and students in the activities of a working farm.

 The Myth of Ability 

 The Jump Math program was inspired by John Mighton on the basis that mathematical concepts are attainable, if the teaching process correctly acknowledges the student's needs.

 Too Safe for Their Own Good 

 Michael Ungar writes about the risks of older children not being allowed responsiblity for a degree of choice.

 Canadian Association of Independent Schools 

 This association advocates for independent schools and provides some resources to parents.

 North American Montessori Teachers Association 

 This industry association runs training programs, conferences and supports Montessori Teachers.
 Trellis    Learning Support Programs in Guelph
 GMS   If you are seeking Montessori Programs for older children Guelph Montessori offers Montessori classes for students up to grade six.

Ontario Private Schools 

Fraser Institute Report: "Ontario Private Schools: Who chooses them and why."